About Zap-Tech Corporation

We are an innovative company designing and manufacturing standard and OEM customer specific solutions for communication line surge, lightning and static electricity protection. Our expertise in suppression design and manufacturing allows us to integrate suppression and filtering solutions using Zap-Tech’s innovative circuit designs, packaging techniques and testing capability.

Zap-Tech Corporation’s products and services include:

  • Protection circuits for high-speed data communication applications.
  • Communication line surge protection devices for both commercial and military data communication, telecommunication, wireless communication and process control applications.
  • Custom OEM Surge protection solutions.
  • Retro-fit products for the protection of data, voice and signal communication lines from electrical surges caused by lightning energies, electrical power surges, and intra-building electrical faults or interference.
  • Plug in modules and components designed for the mitigation of static electricity damage and interference on electronic systems including, electrostatic discharge (ESD) dampening devices for sensitive electronic interfaces
  • Products for GPS, Multi-GNSS (GPS, GLONASS, QZSS) interfaces used in the cellular telephone, paging and instrumentation industries.
  • Contract design services for OEM companies to develop common market and proprietary products for their specific sub assembly and accessory protection and suppression needs.
  • Consulting services and site surveys for problem sites and equipment.

Added reliability for mission critical equipment.

Lightning storms, static discharge, secondary effects of power surges and transient ground potential energies constantly bombard your sensitive communications equipment. Zap-Tech transient voltage surge suppression (TVSS) acts as a significant measure to prevent electrical damage to your system. it also extends the life of sensitive circuits at the component level while improving system reliability. Zap-Tech offers surge protection solutions for all connector types and for any type of system.

Experience counts.

Zap-Tech Corporation has over 25 years of experience in designing surge protection. We provide the most complete selection of lightning surge protection, overvoltage and TVSS products in the industry.